Kodak’s Magic Marker

Kodak’s Magic Marker How ink expertise can help businesses stop losing money to counterfeiting When you buy counterfeit goods, you support child labor, you support drug trafficking, and you cost your city $1 billion in lost tax revenue," blared the iconic Kodak Jumbotron in New York’s Times Square [last] summer. It was a sign that Eastman Kodak was bringing a proactive,in-your-face attitude to its entry into theanti-counterfeiting market, a field where business is usually conducted in whispers.
Kodak’s Traceless technology addresses a problem that globalization is only going to make worse. "We’re not going back to the days of one-room factories that companies can keep complete control over," says Ben Jones, a director of the Global Secure Summit, an annual brand-protection event. Counterfeiting costs global business approximately $700 billion annually… Why is it so important to prevent the counterfeits being sold? + Affect the global economy + Negetive affects on their health – Example: Drags, doing bads more goods + Maybe support an irlegal activity – Child labor. Exmple: A girl sold fakes + How to do that – Check labels – Do some research + Don’t support by buying the fakes because they are cheaper for the benifit of: – The global economy – Health – Human beings
How it works? S* … has more than 200 competitors peddling…, so distiguish itself, the company offers customer tailoring, … to … I* in-your-face: shocking or annoying in a way that is difficult to ignore V* liability: the responsory that a person, company, or organization to pay or give up somthing of value
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