StudioClassroom 4/20/2009: Hign-tech homes assist

StudioClassroom 4/20/2009: Hign-tech homes assist health care Summary: News Worthy Clips There are 3 clips included. 1. Hi-tech bath room technology keep you check your body health like body fat level, blood presure, blood-sugar level at home. 2. Ship hijack in the world recently. 3. New surgery method keep the incision off your body, but the doctor says this should be test more. Insight: Idea: Check your health at home and the data is sent to the doctor. They will give the feedback whether you are healthy or not. Even more, they can send you some advice about how to make you healthier. Vocabulary: It’s not always the truth. blood presure blood-sugar level


完美主义者的悲哀 很多人都是完美主义者,凡事都尽善尽美,这个对于进步是很有好处的,但是如果过于苛刻的追求万事万物都尽善尽美,那么不但自己会生活的很累,而且会令接触自己的人很不愉快。 解决办法就是,抓住重点的,或者说是有用的,有句俗话说的好:别整那些没用的。 生活中心情放轻松一点儿,会更好! 眼里容得沙,宰相肚撑船!