Express Your Love, Don’t Buy It

Express Your Love, Don’t Buy It        
Many times, the small things in life, which we often ignore, are more important than the ones
that we consider far more valuable. This theme is highlighted in Kenny Roger’s song "But
Me a Rose". In his song, he insists on the fact that the expression of love plays a significant
role in a relationship. However, many people seem to ignore this fact and assume that love
can be expressed through wealth and riches.
In his song, Kenny Rogers narrates the story of a wife whose husband loves her very much.
However, she thinks that the way her husband shows her his love is not appropriate.
According to her husband, the best way of showing his love is to his wife is by providing her
with all the wealth and comforts of life. Consequently, he works hard day and night and is
thus not able to devote any of his time to her. His wife, however, argues that this is not what
she wants. All she wants for him is to show her more affection by giving her more of his time,
caring for her not the big, flashy things that he has given her.
"Buy me a rose, call me from work, Open a door for me, what would it hurt? Show me you
love me by the look in your eyes. These are the little things I need the most in my life."
To her, these are all the things that can bring her maximum joy and happiness. Although her
husband loves her very much, his way of showing his love for her is creating distances
between the two. And as time passes by, the distance keeps increasing.
This song expresses how we lead our lives in today’s world and how we think that it takes a
lot to make a person happy. It is always the simple pleasures of life which make a difference.
It is never the big and flashy things.
The main idea of "But Me A Rose" is that people who are closer to us deserve more sincere
expressions of our love, which may be found in smaller things in life. Spending time with
them rather than spending money on them is a better way of expressing our love. We should
learn to express our feelings than to show our love through material goods.
Express your love.

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