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Blog Category & Tag— Live days with a passage, months with an article, years with a chapter. And a whole life with a piece of works. 可以使用目录和标签相结合的方法来管理博客日后的分类,目录结构比较固定,标签用来细化/扩展目录。Emotion 情绪 Happiness, Love, Fear, Anger, HateCareer 供职的公司和职业发展 Oracle,Media, 其实,所有自己接触到的外在的介质。包括的标签是其所反映出来的有意义的实体。例如Audio->Music … Photos, Music, Movies, Books, Quotes, PoemsProfessional Siebel, C++, Java, Database, Operation System, EnglishTools 工具 Evernote, WordPressSuccess 如何成功 GTDLife, 所有有关于生活和生命 Food, Events, People, Personal, Philosophy,Journal, Shopping, Tips,Travel,Family,Thoughts,Favorites,Dreams,ManagementTechnology 其他标签  Misc 2010/5/11 11:30@北京