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Be yourself

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Improve Every Moment

Improve Every Moment

Post written by 
Leo Babauta.

I’m a big proponent of slowing downsimplifyingdoing less, and being less busy … but what if you can’t?

What if your life can’t be made less busy — are you doomed to a life of anxiety and unhappiness?

No. I’m going to share with you a very simple tool that might just transform your life. It’s something I’ve been trying in the last few months, and I can attest that it works brilliantly.

This one little method will help you to:

  • Be more present, so life doesn’t rush past you without you noticing.
  • Enjoy every activity you do more, so life is better all the time.
  • Feel more relaxed, so every day is as good as a vacation.
  • Be ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Not bad for a very tiny method, no? Let’s dive in.

Busy vs. relaxed

Normally we have two different modes in life. There’s the busy of our everyday lives, and then there’s the relaxed mode, which happens when we have some unstructured time: vacation, a day at the beach, a spa getaway, some time in the park with the kids.

Relaxed mode is one where we perhaps think less and feel more. We just soak in the sun, the sounds, the sensations. This is a child-like time, because it’s the mode that young children are in the most. We do our best to train kids not to be like this, so they can be good workers when they grow up and serve our corporate masters.

And so we grow up to be in busy mode most of the week, and if we’re lucky we get a day or two, maybe only an hour or two of relaxed mode. When the Internet sucks us in, we have less relaxed mode because the Internet keeps us in our minds, and we forget about the physical world around us.

How can we change this? How can we bring the child-like relaxed, sensory mode back into our everyday lives, not just during breaks and meditation/yoga time and vacations?

It’s not that difficult, if you practice.

The Zen State

When we are in relaxed mode, we notice the sensations of the wind and sun, the sounds of water and laughter, the brilliant colors of nature, the smiles around us, the grass or sand between our toes. We are feeling instead of thinking. The sensations of our bodies flow into our minds, and it makes us relaxed, happy.

We can re-learn this mode of being with practice. Do it now. You’re reading a computer or mobile device screen, so your mind is in the world of the Internet … but your body is in the physical world. If you’re sitting, your butt can feel the chair. Your back might be a bit hunched. Your fingers are on a keyboard or mouse. Is the air around you cold or warm? Are there sounds you can notice? Is your jaw clenched? Notice your breathing.

When you put your focus into physcial sensations, you are entering relaxed mode instead of thinking mode. It’s not that you’re completely relaxed, but you’re in the same state of mind as the times you are relaxed, like yoga or the beach or lazing away a Sunday in bed.

Once you learn to do this, you can do it any time. In fact, all the time.

If you’re taking a shower, feel the water running down you, soak in the temperature and the sound of running water. If you’re eating, taste every little nuance of the food, smell the food, feel the texture in your mouth, feel the movement of your hand going to your mouth.

Do this as you work, as you talk on the phone or respond to emails or walk to a meeting or drive to an appointment, noticing the sensations on your skin, the colors around you, the sounds of humanity, your breath coming in and leaving you. Do this at home, as you do chores or prepare food or clean up or get ready for work. Do this throughout your day, and you will be in a constant state of relaxation and enjoyment.

It will transform everything you do, if you do it. It will turn busy-ness into being present, harriedness into enjoyment.

Life will be lived, instead of ignored.


15 Secrets to Succes

15 Secrets to Success

Many people want to be successful in their lives for more personal fulfillment and joy. The definition of success can have a different meaning for everyone. Although everyone has their own way of finding success, there are certain things that you need to be aware of in order to have more joy and fulfillment. Make a habit of practicing these fifteen points so that you can be the rock star of your life!

1. Do something you are afraid of doing everyday – When you make a habit of getting outside of your comfort zone, you will grow strong mentally and emotionally and will see yourself getting past a lot of mental blocks.

2. Don’t overplan – There is nothing wrong with planning your goals in life, however if you try to perfect your planning, you won’t take action on any of your goals.

3. Meet new people – When you constantly meet new people, you will see yourself learning a lot about yourself and others as well. You can then use the new knowledge to contribute and help others.

4. Practice being present – When you are engaged in a specific task/activity or are having a conversation with someone, make sure that you are fully present and not caught up thinking about the past or future.

5. Take leadership roles – Start taking leadership roles in every area of your life. Organize a workshop or plan a trip or a social event. When you start taking leadership roles, your self-confidence will rise.

6. Note down all of your ideas – Whenever an idea pops into your head make sure to write it down somewhere so you can refer back to it. There are going to be those times where your mind will suddenly get creative ideas, so make sure that you have a pen and paper handy.

7. Set aside “alone time” – Spend a half hour every day by yourself in a quiet place and take time to think about your goals for the future. Think about where you want to be in the next ten years.

8. Spend more time outdoors – Get outside the house/office more often. You don’t have to plan a big trip to get out. It can be as simple as going for a hike or walking by the beach. You will be able to think clearly and focus better on your tasks. Don’t become a workaholic and get burnt out.

9. Attend seminars – Start attending helpful workshops and seminars of topics that interest you. You will be surprised by the knowledge you will gain. You will also meet like-minded people and make new friends.

10. Read more often – Turn off the television and start reading more. Once you start developing a habit of reading, you will notice that your vision will expand and you will see the world in a whole different way.

11. Don’t talk about yourself too much – If you are ever interacting with close friends or at a social event, don’t make a habit of talking about yourself and your success. This is a sign of insecurity. Instead, take interest in others unless or until someone asks you more about what you do.

12. Spend minimum time browsing the web – When you constantly browse the web, your mind will be cluttered with different images and thoughts and you will get sidetracked from all your goals. You will start getting imaginary thoughts that will get you nowhere.

13. Go to the gym at least four times a week – When you make a habit of working out frequently you will have a lot of positive energy that will help you in other areas of your life. Put it on your calendar and make it a “must do” task.

14. Don’t delay to have fun – Some people think that they need to have a lot of money in order to have fun. They think that one day that big paycheck will solve all the problems in life. Life will have its ups and downs regardless of whether you have accumulated a lot of wealth. Don’t wait for that big day to arrive to have all your fun. Enjoy every minute of life.

15. Be honest with yourself – Be very honest with yourself about who you are and what you want out of your life. Spend time thinking about what your purpose is in life. When you are aligned with your purpose in life, you won’t get many conflicting thoughts that will leave you confused about who you are.

#30BBM Day 2 – Understand Your Negative Traits

I think it will be a good way to focus on what the personality I should build rather than what bad trait should I beat. You know: a positive way versus a negative way.

Well, I concluded 5 gold traits which will make life better. [Meditation, Health, Diligence, Concentration, Persistence —- Make life shine! ]

If you can read Chinese, watch this.

[平静 志存高远,内心宁静安详,早晚静修 

健康 身体健康,心态积极,按时就餐睡觉,锻炼身体

勤奋 有条不紊的做好每日当作之事,不拖延

专注 集中精力于当下必做之事,不做无谓之举

持恒 凡事贯彻到低,善始善终



Go back to business, I will finish today’s tasks. (I change the questions to a positive way.)

Trait #1: Meditation

  • Why do I think Meditation is such important?
    It’s about a peace mind, about never lost myself in any situation and about the ultimate life purpose – Make life shine! Like the very famous Chinese proverb ‘一日三省’.
  • What will happen if I am not meditating?
    I shall live without a clear objectives everyday. And may lose my life objectives day after day. I may live in a mess and don’t make use of my time, disorganizing, less healthy, even sadness, not happy. This cannot be more serious!
  • What is one baby step I can do today to change this?
    Meditate using 10 minutes before sleep in the night and after wakeup in the morning.

Trait #3: Health

  • Why do I think Health is such important?
    If I don’t have health, I have nothing. 
  • What will happen if I am not healthy?
    I will suffer from disease and pain. Then no happiness and no a shining life!
  • What is one baby step I can do today to change this?
    Keep positive thinking. Meal on time, and sleep on time. Train my body and doing sports!

Trait #3: Diligence

  • Why do I think Diligence is such important?
    "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
  • What will happen if I am not Diligence?
    No work, no career, no money, no car, no house, no family, no respect, no happiness, no life. Not a shining life!
  • What is one baby step I can do today to change this?
    Doing what I should and suppose do every minutes. Do not do meaningless things.

Trait #4: Concentration

  • Why do I think Concentration is such important?
    Great power comes from Concentration. It’s like an life engine that can help me to be more efficient and overcome difficulties.
  • What will happen if I am not Concentration ?
    Low efficient and less powerful.
  • What is one baby step I can do today to change this?
    Do one thing at a time. Finish it and do the second. Don’t check gmail or weibo from time to time.

Trait #5: Persistence 

  • Why do I think Persistence is such important?
    Little strokes fell great oaks.
  • What will happen if I am not Persistence?
    Life will be high tide with low tide and more low tide.
  • What is one baby step I can do today to change this?
    Be persist to do trait #1~#4. That’s Persistence!!

#30BBM Day 1 – Assess Yourself

#30BBM Day 1 – Assess Yourself

Your Task: Assess Yourself


The first task of 30BBM is to assess your personality.

Take out a pen and a piece of paper, and answer the following questions:

  1. If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (in terms of your personality), how much would you rate yourself? Would you give yourself a 1? Would you give yourself a 10? A 3? A 5? A 7?
    • Be as honest as possible. You know yourself the best. While people can only know you by how you behave and what you choose to say, you know all the thoughts that goes through your head the whole time. Are you the person others think you are? Or are you someone else? No body knows the real you better than you.
    • Many people think that giving yourself a score of 1-2/10 means you dislike yourself. That’s complete bullshit and it can’t be further away from the truth. Your score merely indicates how far you see yourself from your potential, ideal self (which is a 10). The bigger the gap, the higher you see your potential for growth.
    • So if you put yourself as 1/10, that means you see huge potential to be better – which makes it easy to be a better you. On the other hand, those who rate themselves as 9/10 or 10/10 often don’t grow much – because they already think they’re good enough. Which is fine by itself, but I believe most of us who joined the challenge do so because we recognize growth is transcendent, and there can never be an end point to how good we can be.
  2. Why did you give yourself the score in Q1?
    [1. I feel good about my past as well as my current status. And I have confidence that I will be happier in the rest of my life.]
    [2. I can get along with others well, no matter what kind the person it is. ]
    [3. I have married and the relationship of my family is good.]
    [4. My parents love me and I love them very much.]
    [5. I have a job which I like and I can learn what I want to learn in that job, the salary is high too.]
    [6. I make plans and achieve them. The golden five characters I am working on is composure, health, diligent, concentration,constant. ]
    [7. The ‘dark’ side is I don’t use all my time very well. I spend a lot of time watching movies etc. I need to strengthen my ability to restrain myself.]
    • State down specific reasons why – At least 3-5 points to explain your score.
    • Elaborate as much as you can. The more you write, the better.
  3. Now, write down 5-7 traits about yourself you want to work on.
    [平静 志存高远,内心宁静安详,早晚静修

    健康 身体健康,心态积极,按时就餐睡觉,锻炼身体

    勤奋 有条不紊的做好每日当作之事,不拖延

    专注 集中精力于当下必做之事,不做无谓之举

    持恒 凡事贯彻到低,善始善终


    • These can be traits you don’t like about yourself, or traits you are okay with but you want to eradicate because they serve no value to you.

Remember, elaborate as much as you want. The more you write, the better.

Question 3 is actually a lead-in for Day 2′s task. Tomorrow, we will be delving into the character traits we want to work on (ergo looking deeper into your Q3 answers) – so stay tuned.

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